Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts

It’s not an enjoyable topic, but financial planning for your death is important to ensure the people you want to benefit from your assets receive everything you intend them to. Whether your estate is large or small, a will or trust is important to establish.

Through a will or trust, you’re able to state how your assets will be distributed, when they will be distributed, and if there are any qualifications on that giving. You’ll also be able to name guardians for your children and other important considerations that will make decisions easier for your family and friends. Establishing a will reduces potential disputes and confusion regarding your intentions.

I have helped hundreds of individuals and families with estate planning in the Albion, NY area over the past 30 years. I will help you establish the legal documents necessary to make sure your family is taken care of and your estate is passed to your beneficiaries exactly how you desire.

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